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Bangalore Home Interior Design Trends in 2019

Bangalore Home Interior Design Trends 2019

Every New Year brings with it exciting interior design trends. Some of them stay, while some just fade away. When we talk about trends we mean the styling, colours, patterns, materials and shapes for a particular season that will be more appealing to the consumers and has a long-term influence on the market. Trends may vary from place to place and repeat in cycles. Since we are focusing on the recent trends in Bangalore, let’s get more into the details with respect to taste and preferences of the consumers in the present time.

The Four Walls Trend

Walls are something that covers approx 60% of the room area, catching the utmost attention of the visitors. Hence people nowadays are paying more attention to uplift the ambience of their living space by selecting the right colours and textures that are trendy and at the same time reflect their true self. 

2019 is witnessing people exploring a more out – of – the – box, colorful side and preferring warmer colour palette and more vibrant accent colors. Colours that are bright and bold are in trend this year. Living coral which is a beautiful combination of orange and pink, shades of green and dark teal, shades of yellow and warm beige are some of the colours that are been largely preferred for the interiors nowadays. Splashes of these rich and luscious colours when paired with the right shades add instant energy with a spell of drama!

Though colour is often the first thing we turn to when a home is feeling lackluster, we should never underestimate the power of texture. Introducing texture to a space gives it so much more depth. Texture elevates the living space.

Also bold wallpapers have become a home décor trend this year. It’s available in high and diverse supply and encompasses florals, abstracts, geometric prints, fruit patterns, terrazzo and colorful speckles and many others. Not only does the wallpaper add an element of visual interest but it also adds a focal point in the space.

The Ceiling Trend

For years the ceiling has been the most overlooked, and underappreciated part of every room. But nowadays people have started taking advantage of this fifth wall. From wallpaper to molding and accent colors ceilings are making a statement with unique designs and architecture. This look is being considered for the spaces where people want to feel intimate, especially bedrooms, living rooms and formal dining spaces making the rooms appear larger, brighter and memorable.

The Kitchen Trend

The kitchen is not only the place to cook but it is also one of the first rooms guests see and is at the heart of holiday gatherings. For all these reasons keeping our kitchens stylish, updated and functional is perhaps more important than any other room in the house. The elements that are on trend this year are backsplashes, moody hues, open and glass shelves, dual tone kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands or breakfast bars.

 Nowadays most of the people are not sold on an open floor plan, yet they want to make their space feel connected. Creating Room dividers with walls, kitchen islands or breakfast bars are the smart way to solve this problem while creating the visual effect of a large open floor plan.

Compact and Multi-functional Furniture Trend

With more and more people adopting the ‘Less is more’ attitude, we are seeing a shift in interior design. 2019 is witnessing more multi-functional spaces. Multi-functional furniture doesn’t just have to be for small apartments anymore. It is incorporated into any multi-use spaces.  A seating bench or an ottoman can also be used as added storage spaces. A coffee table turned desk in the living room also provides the feel of a home office without having a dedicated space for it. Multifunctional furniture not only maximizes the storage space also it gives a clutter free look.

The Décor Trend

Natural elements like wood, stone, indoor plants setting a new trend in 2019. Accent walls and furniture, cushions and other decorative items are also in trend this year. Combination of all these elements creates a very lively environment giving the home a space to breathe. 

For living rooms that need a pop of colour, simply adding an accent chair fully upholstered in color or dressing up the sofa with accent pillows can change the whole ambience. Also rooms with accent wall can create and uplift the mood of the room.

Home Lighting Trends

Light is one of the most obvious elements of interior design. Either natural or man-made, without light other elements namely color; texture and pattern have no significance at all.

Lighting design also changes from room to room.  What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom. The lighting has to reflect the functions and feel of each space. While smart placement of doors and windows should take care of the natural light, man-made or artificial lighting is broadly divided into three major types namely – Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Mood Lighting.

Task light as the name implies, includes light sources like table and bed lamps which have a defined purpose, dedicated for a specific task.

Accent lights are meant for highlighting a particular piece or show item like artworks, structures, sculptures and so on.

Mood or ambient lighting basically set the mood of the living space and illuminate the overall space.

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