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How to Choose the Best Interior Designer

Best Interior Designer

In the past decade, demand to own a good home is increasing. Furthermore, the desire to own a luxurious one is skyrocketing. In Bangalore, for example, the demand is outweighing the supply. Whether it’s an old home or a swanky new one, the interiors matter. In fact, those with vintage-style homes are keener on getting the best interiors done.

And, when you set out to do the interiors of your home, you wonder whether you should go the DIY route or hire an interior designer. Although you could do it yourself if you have a firm grasp on interior designs and a keen eye for detail, there are several reasons to choose an experienced interior designer.

An interior designer can make you fall head over heels in love with your house…again! Remodelling or redesigning – whatever you call it – just make sure your house gets the best makeover you can afford. If you decide to go ahead with a contractor or an interior designer, it’s best to go prepared. After all, it’s your home, so a bit of research comes handy. So, let’s take a look at how you can prepare yourself before you hire that perfect contractor or designer:

1) Research all you can before you meet him/her

Best Home Interior

As an interior design company, we love people that know what they want. Sure, there are many people who are clueless in this area, and that’s totally fine. However, if you’ve taken the time to check out a few designs on the internet, you become an instant favourite.

Peruse a few photos and mark what you like. It gives us an insight on what you really love. Your style – no matter how inexperienced you think you are – makes it all the more special. It shows you care. Also, the designer will understand your individuality, and come up with ideas based on your suggestions.

Plus, it gives you several options. Of course, the interior designer will suggest many more designs, but you’ll do far better if you have an inkling about how you want your home to turn out at the end of the day. Checking out photos on Pinterest is perhaps the easiest way to get many photos in a short period of time.

2) Think of the budget

Best Home Interior

The budget is the most important aspect for many people. While some people just prefer quality over everything else, others make decisions based on their budget. And, that’s fine. You must think of the budget before throwing yourself into redesigning your home. The same applies even if you’ve just a new home and need brand new interiors.

Whatever the case, budget is important. You will save money if you hire a designer. Although it’s hard to believe, you save money by not making mistakes that may turn expensive later. In addition, contractors and designers work together to get to the final stage. Obviously, contractors cannot come up with designs themselves but they can follow the plans made by a designer.

If you choose to do it yourself, you have to worry about dealing with labourers. And, labourers do quit jobs mid-way. It’s pretty common. Since time is essential when you’re getting the work done, it’s best to rely on someone who knows what they are doing.

Most importantly, the designer will work with your budget and suggest stuff that suits your needs. He/she will also ensure that you get the best materials at the cheapest rates possible.

3) Be curious

Best Home Interior

When you’re curious about something, you ask a lot of questions. How do we do the stairs? What material is best? Why is the cost of this particular plywood cheaper or costlier than what I saw? You see, such questions will not only help you understand the designer, but it will also help him serve you better.

Any designer that thwarts your questions isn’t going to be a good fit. Look for someone who engages with you and answers your questions patiently. Design is always perceptive, so you must prod more to get what you actually want. Also, there are no boundaries to creativity when it comes to design. Any designer who tells you otherwise may not be suitable for you.

4) Come up with a specific timeline

Best Home Interior

As mentioned already, time is of the essence when you’re dealing with contractors or designers or labourers. Why? Well, the budget shoots up erratically if you don’t get things done on time. Of course, there will be a delay of a few days before the work is done, and that’s common. It can also happen if there are any changes of plans in the midst of your project.

However, it’s important to set up a timeline with your designer before the work starts. This will help you arrange your budget and also make plans in the meanwhile. An experienced designer will also be able to give you a specific timeline because he’s completed other projects before.

5) Meet many designers

This step is optional if you have the time. However, meeting a few people before you take the final decision will help you determine the best of all. Keep in mind that meeting too many people will create a lot of confusion. Thus, talking to at least 2-4 designers should help you get the ball rolling. Also, note that a designer with cheaper fees isn’t necessarily the best. The designs speak for themselves.

Once you’ve done everything mentioned above, you’re more than ready to start with the process. A good designer will walk you through the process without wasting too much time. And, if you need anything else, we’re just a call away!

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